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You’ve heard it before I’m sure. This new generation has it so easy. Back in the day you actually had to go to a library to write a research report. Back in the day you actually had to stalk someone using binoculars and stealth, there was no Facebook. You didn’t get surprised with a new Snapchat filter, you got polio.

Sure, teens can sometimes outwardly appear spoiled in today’s world of convenience, but the latest sobering statistics released from the CDC speak to a new kind of hardship that adolescents are experiencing. Whereas suicide rates showed a promising trend of decline in the 80s and 90s, the new millennium has ushered in an alarming climb in suicide rates in the U.S. The segment of population most impacted has been teenaged girls, whose suicide rates have peaked at a 40-year high. Scary stuff. What’s worse is that there is just no easy, clear-cut solution to this very dangerous, and very present problem.

Life can be hard. It can be an uphill battle but it doesnt always have to be that way.

So where do YOU come into play?

The way MatchBack works is its a clothing company that is run by subscriptions. Every month a new exslclusive bundle, either a shirt or hoodie a hat or beanie or designed, printed and delivered to your front door each month, BUT the best part is for every subscription purchased matchback matches that subscriptions and gives it to a underprivilaged Teen who otherwise wouldn’t be able to recieve nice clothes. AWESOME RIGHT!?

Subscription costs $37 a month which includes your exsculsive Shirt/Hoodie and Hat/Beanie for that month + the same for that price goes to a teen.

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